Seasonal: Baby it’s Cold Outside

The dusting (or dumping) of snow we've had recently doesn't lie, winter has well and truly set in. You may have figured out by now that we’re all about offering up friendly reminders at Vancouver Home Maintenance. We do love a short and sweet list, so here we go: 1)     When the temperatures drop below freezing salting around your home is necessary to prevent slips and falls. Vancouver Home Maintenance can take care of your salting fast and effectively. Let’s keep our sidewalks (and your...

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Our Community: HELLO Julian Eiers – The main man in the trenches

When did you start working with Vancouver Home Maintenance? I started working for Vancouver Home Maintenance in February, 2012. I was at University, doing home-maintenance jobs on the side, when James contacted me - we've worked together ever since. What do you love most about your work? The independence James gives me as an employee. Naturally there are rules and regulations that need to be followed but management allows me to be creative, offer my own input and speak my mind, allowing for a more collaborative team effort. What do you...

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