Professional Roof Cleaning & Roof Washing Service

About Our Roof Cleaning Service

It is not strange to see streaks and discoloration on your roof. Besides giving your roof a lousy look, those marks can cause significant damage to it. Failure to fix the damage in time can necessitate its complete overhaul before its predicted lifetime.

The news of having to replace a roof is not musical to anyone's ears. Roof replacement is a messy, tasking and expensive undertaking. It would be beneficial if everyone knew how to keep a roof in good condition.

It is easy to keep your roof in good shape than you might think. Regular roof cleaning is key to having a lasting roof. Unknown to most people, a roof requires regular cleaning for it to last long. This helps extend a roof's lifetime.

Does your roof have a rough appearance? If yes, you should talk to us about our roof cleaning services. We have a team of friendly and trained technicians capable of cleaning any roof effectively and safely. The cleaning products we use are eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-caustic & non-acidic. We are extremely mindful and ensure the integrity of your roof at all times!

We are experts in enhancing the visual appeal and prolonging a roof's lifetime. We do so by preventing the regrowth of harmful fungus, moss and mildew spores. It is crucial also to have your gutters cleaned so that your whole roof system will operate like it has been designed to when both the roof and the roofline are free of debris. This is an investment that has value for money at present and in the future.

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    Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are unhappy with anything we have done, call us within 48 hours and we will remedy the situation.


    We carefully listen to the client's unique request. We happily provide an estimate within 24 hours, free of charge.


    Once the quote is finalized, we book a date that works best for you. Peace of mine accomplished.


    Our friendly technicians arrive on the job address and get to work. We perform a complete quality check before closing the job.


    Feedback is provided and any questions are answered. Payment is made. We look forward to working with you again.

    Why work with us

    Whether it is a one-off handyman job or a major project, VHM consistently delivers quality work. Our friendly, trained team gets the work done efficiently and professionally, delivering first-rate service to each of our customers. Every professional that joins VHM is carefully selected for their experience and shared values. We work hard to ensure our team is satisfied and it shows in our can-do attitude and a genuine pride in our work.

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    Read through our testimonials and hear what they are saying about us.

    • Michael M.
      The crew at VHM did a fantastic job cleaning the roof and chimney of my home and preparing it for another 5 years of weather. They did a very thorough roof cleaning and were respectful of my property. I wouldn't hire any other business to do roof cleaning, thank you Vancouver Home Maintenance!!
      Michael M.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Angela C.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance came promptly to my house for an estimate. A few days later, the crew took 4 hours for the roof cleaning. Our roof was in pretty bad shape, as our house is surrounded by trees. When they left the roof looked spotless and they thoroughly cleaned up around the house when they were finished. We are hoping this roof cleaning will help extend the life of our roof. Thank you VHM!!!
      Angela C.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Rodrigo F.
      Our experience with Vancouver Home Maintenance was great to say the least! We called for a roof cleaning and Aoife was able to book us in quite quickly. Every step of the way, everything was done professionally with outstanding quality. They even cleaned our gazebo roof. All of the crew was considerate and dedicated. I highly recommend VHM for your roof cleaning needs.
      Rodrigo F.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Earl S.
      James and his crew did an excellent job of cleaning my roof! It looked brand new and I was caught off guard how of a difference a roof cleaning does to your home. I would highly recommend Vancouver Home Maintenance for your roof cleaning needs!
      Earl S.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • David T.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance did an excellent job on roof cleaning and restoring our roof. Looks brand new! They cleaned the roof and inspected it to make sure they got every single spot. Definitely contact VHM for all your roof cleaning needs. We highly recommend them!!
      David T.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Thomas S.
      Moss covered my roof and the team at VHM cleaned it and made it look like a newly installed roof! James the owner was very professional and his crew went above and beyond what I expected. Our neighbors even noticed and called to tell us how nice it looks. Would definitely use them again for roof cleaning, thank you Vancouver Home Maintenance!
      Thomas S.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Lucien B.
      Just had Vancouver Home Maintenance do roof cleaning and only took them about 4 hours to do the job and WOW what a difference! It looks like we have a brand new roof! We are so pleased with the amazing job that they did! We would recommend them to anyone looking to do roof cleaning on their home! Thank you!!
      Lucien B.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • William B.
      After buying our house, cleaning the roof was the first priority and it made all the difference in the world. Vancouver Home Maintenance did an amazing job on our roof. The before and after photos were incredible! James and his team were great to work with. I highly recommend using them for your next roof cleaning project. Thank you!!
      William B.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Christy H.
      I had my roof cleaning done by Vancouver Home Maintenance and it looked like new and brightened up the street side tremendously. They were very professional and made sure to keep us informed of their plans. The cleaning team was courteous, professional and a definite asset to the company. They cleaned up great around the house. I would most definitely use them for roof cleaning again!!
      Christy H.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Dayna K.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance's crew did such excellent work on my roof and looks as if it were just built. My wife and I are thrilled at how much better our property looks and surprised at how much better it makes you feel coming home and seeing the results. I'd recommend VHM without hesitation and plan on using them for roof cleaning again.
      Dayna K.
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Peter M
      Great job. Great Price. James and his team even came back to fix related roof challenges that had nothing to do with them. They were hired for our regular roof cleaning. An absolute pleasure to work with. I will be using them on my next job and highly recommend them.
      Peter M
      A satisfied client with our roof cleaning service
    • Daniel G
      Great team of people! Would recommend and re-employ, especially for their roof cleaning and window cleaning service! It was not an easy job but these guys at VHM had all the tools and man power to get the job done. My roof looks like new again! I'm very happy with the results...keep up the good work guys!
      Daniel G

      A satisfied client with our window cleaning service

    • Denny Chung
      I found the right company to do my roof and gutters cleaning & repair without worrying starting with on site evaluation. Detailed and Patience. They are professional work that is on time and the attention to details on my old house. After I see the results. I am very happy. Old Gutters were cleaned but have to be tested by the real heavy rainfall. After the rainfall the old gutters need more repair. I called them for help. They returned and fixed it without hesitation. This company is what I will be repeatedly to use worry free.
      Denny Chung
      A satisfied client with our gutter cleaning service