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About Our moss removal service

With the high levels of precipitation annually here in beautiful Vancouver, moss, and algae thrive and grow – in places we don’t want them to! In most cases, stains and streaks are caused by a form of algae commonly known as Gloeocapsa Magma. This type of algae thrives in our Pacific Northwest climate.

The buildup of moss on roofs erodes the surface, lifts shingles, and absorbs moisture that promotes decay and leakage. Although the moss and algae organisms do not themselves cause damage they often create the conditions to accelerate the degradation of tiles and reducing the overall life span of roofs and other surfaces. It is most prolific in areas of shade and damp and is typically more common on roof surfaces that are north facing or where trees provide shading.

Moss often grows in the form of moss balls across the roof surface, feeding off the algae beneath. With time, some of the moss balls fall into gutters, resulting in clogging and eventual overspill of rainwater onto the building elevations creating further maintenance problems.

Our moss removal service safely removes green and black algae, mildew, fungus, and lichen stains from roofs. The cleaning products we use are eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-caustic & non-acidic. We are extremely mindful and ensure the integrity of your roof at all times! We provide moss removal service for both commercial and residential properties, which is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    Read through our testimonials and hear what they are saying about us.

    • Alaw B.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance did an excellent moss removal job on our roof. We recently had a pest control company in Richmond come clean out our attic and realized we should have the roof looked at as well. James and his crew were professional, efficient, clean, friendly, and took the time to answer all of my questions and explain in detail the steps they were doing.  We were really impressed with the workmanship and results. I highly recommend Vancouver Home Maintenance!
      Alaw B.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    •  Maria S.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance inspected my roof, made a recommendation, and completed the moss removal job. After it was done, I felt like I had a new roof. The team was professional, polite, and prompt and couldn't be happier with their moss removal service!
      Maria S.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Matthias K
      Vancouver Home Maintenance worked around my busy schedule to do moss removal on my roof and it looks fantastic! They were thorough in explaining the process and left my house looking good as new. I would highly recommend moss removal to maximize your curb appeal!
      Matthias K
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Mary B.
      I tried to do moss removal myself on my home, but nothing I tried worked. In my research, I came across Vancouver Home Maintenance and gave them a call. I spoke with Aoife and she took the time to explain what was going on and assured me that they could get it cleaned. I wasn't there when they cleaned it because of my work but when I rolled up my driveway, I couldn't believe what I saw. My home looked brand new and I was extremely happy. If you need moss removal then give them a call. I highly recommend them.
      Mary B.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Kenneth K.
      James at Vancouver Home Maintenance is everything you hope to see out of a business owner. Responds to all messages in a timely manner, easy to talk to and work with, and shows up on time to do the job the right way. I have no intentions of ever doing moss removal on my house again...they are now in charge of the moss removal of my house forever!
      Kenneth K.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Linda H.
      I've had an unbelievable experience using Vancouver Home Maintenance for moss removal. They're super efficient and effective and they helped make our house look brand new. If you value your time and energy use VHM today and gain more freedom in your life... never doing moss removal myself again!!!
      Linda H.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Cody H.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance cleaned my roof last fall. The crew was friendly and punctual. The roof is 10 years old and was covered and now, it looks brand new. The transformation was truly amazing from moss removal. It's truly unbelievable that it was my house when I pulled up to it. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend VHM to anybody for moss removal to make their homes look fresh!
      Cody H.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Hector K.
      Vancouver Home Maintenance is dependable, timely, and did an amazing job on the moss removal of our home! The owner James and his crew are easy to work with and responsive to customer needs. He gave an accurate estimate and communicated everything well. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the finished look! We highly recommend them for all moss removal jobs!
      Hector K.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Anthony O.
      Our roof looks incredible! James and his crew at Vancouver Home Maintenance did an amazing job with moss removal our 14-year old cedar shake roof. It looks almost as good as new now! Communication was easy and they responded quickly to all of our needs. I was overall a great experience and we will definitely use VHM for moss removal again!
      Anthony O.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Donald W.
      I did some research and found Vancouver Home Maintenance with several positive reviews! Of the other two businesses I left messages with for quotes, they both were extremely high priced. James is very knowledgeable about moss removal. He is very responsive and answered all of my questions. Everything was done in about three hours and looking fabulous. I highly recommend them for all your moss removal needs!
      Donald W.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service
    • Roy B.
      I had a great experience with Vancouver Home Maintenance! Their team was efficient, courteous and thorough and our home looks refreshed and bright from the moss removal. Amazing customer service!! We would hire them again and we have referred their moss removal service to several friends!
      Roy B.
      A satisfied client with our moss removal service


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