Snow removal & Salting services – North Shore

We all live at the foot of mountains. In summer we hike the Grouse Grind or climb Quarry Rock. In winter we make our way up to the ski slopes. We love snow , it is pure and white and beautiful…as long as it remains up on the slopes.

But now it is in our yards, on the streets and bridges and we dont like it so much any more. When there is not enough salt on the roads we complain, where are the snow ploughs, we shouldn’t need chains on our tires in Vancouver…some of us have forgotten even to get snow tires. We are bent over shovelling. This is why I left Ontario a neighbour grumbles. We are caught off guard as the sun shines and the snow melts just enough to fool us but then it freezes up. Ice rinks are meant for hockey players not drivers

Another storm is due and we don’t know what to do next.

Servicing – North Vancouver, West Vancouver, The North Shore, Deep Cove to Lions Bay, Vancouver, Burnaby

Call us today and we’ll come out and salt your property after clearing the snow away.

Safety first folks !


Office – 604 – 837 -3110


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